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Castabroad is no more than a name. A domain to label the work created by Craig Somerville.

The name Castabroad came from a love of travel, and fly fishing.

Craig Somerville’s professional life is shaped by the words “Motivating PEOPLE to collaborate with BRANDS and making sure they ENJOY the process of telling their story.”

You will have noticed pretty quickly that the majority of the work undertaken by Craig and Castabroad, is fishing related. This is no coincidence – a deliberate choice combining Craig’s experience fishing and film/photography in locations all over the globe. Craig also has an extensive knowledge base of driven & walked up shooting and high-end rural hospitality & catering.

Starting in hospitality in 5 star Scottish hotels as a chef, then emigrating to New Zealand entertaining the most discerning clients in super-lodge surroundings with helicopters on the lawn and mountain top chalets. Craig went on to forge a luxury adventure sport outfitting business to cater for the wealth of the world to visit the antipodes and ‘get it right’. Media/Marketing is key to tourism and this is where the camera, and writing for several blogs, magazines and papers really took over for Craig. After a decade, home called and he now lives with his young family in Bridge of Allan, Scotland and Castabroad carries on as a media outfit creating digital content for the benefit of the outdoors.

“What if you combine connections into a story? Such as a river from the ghillie’s perspective not the angler; or the provenance of artisan ingredients for a chef’s recipe; or the story behind an adventure clothing brand. What have you got?”

“That bottle of wine you chose from the supermarket shelf has family, heartache, weather, losses & struggles, and love/pleasure in it, not just fermented grapes. That’s what we do at Castabroad, we concentrate on the people in the story, and let them talk about what they know.”

Craig Somerville

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