Targeted Audiences

“So now that we have a great video, what do we do with it?”

This is a question we are asked regularly once we’ve delivered work that the client is delighted with.

You could simply upload your video to your YouTube channel, (if you have one), share it on Facebook etc. then embed it into your website. But this is not where you are going to get people making bookings or contacting you, to maximise the effect of your investment in a video you need to stay up to date with current advertising techniques.

Number of views does not indicate the success of a video, real interaction, and conversion to profitable business does. For this to happen you need to target the right core audience at the right time.

What we offer:

Foundation work, consultation, building, running and review of targeted spearhead campaigns that maximises your budget. We do this with a blended skill set of proven marketing and countryside sporting experience.

What we do (the package):

  • Listen to you, first and foremost;
  • Facebook (and Instagram) business manager access and professional setup;
  • Payment information updated;
  • Facebook (and Instagram) page audit and makeover;
  • Provide research backed suggestions;
  • Provide an optimised advert creative and ‘Social Media Pack’:
    • Trailer Teaser and multiple 15 second teaser clips (highlights);
    • Subtitled, square frame, bright and lighthearted.
  • Ad campaign setup:
    • Targeted audiences;
    • Timing;
    • Tracking pixels;
    • Call to Action (CTA) improvements & tracking on website.
  • Running the campaign;
  • Reviewing and analysing the data;
  • Manipulate campaigns, offer suggestions and re-run.

Your obligations:

Because we understand your target market and how your audience thinks and acts online, we will set up a camping that makes sense to you. Completely transparent, there are no hidden surprises, we simply recommend the best way forward, make it happen and report to you.

  • You decide on the budget cap;
  • You approve our recommended paths;
  • You can ask us to repeat a campaign;
  • You can ask us to pause or terminate a campaign at any time;
  • We welcome you to invite your marketing professionals to view your campaigns;
  • We maintain the campaign account to be completely transferable back to yourself, or to a marketing agency at any time.


Example costing of a campaign:

We charge a flat fee for your campaign. The budget you wish to use to advertise with is paid by you directly via your Facebook account.

£400+VAT paid to Castabroad Media for your campaign audit and package


Your budget (e.g. circa £100 to £1500) paid to Facebook.


Contact us:

For a no-obligation chat on the phone, email or meeting, feel free to contact Craig or Geoff here: