Trophy Fish Scale Photography



”The inexpensive, conservation-minded trophy for your wall.”

Chrome Fingerprints – Just send us your scale sample! Using a specialist microscope with an adapted lens which has been uniquely customised to fit a macro lens camera, we have been able to successfully take hi-res images at up to x200 magnification of scale samples. We discovered absolutely beautiful patterns unique to every fish on the planet, like chrome fingerprints.

We can send the images ‘as they are’ to you via email, dropbox, Facebook, WhatsApp or we can offer beautifully presented printed options. Contact us and send your scale sample* for hi-resolution images of that ‘first fish’ or ‘catch of a lifetime’.


Image of scale
A unique image of a scale from the very first silvery Grilse caught by the artists daughter.

How to take a scale sample – Catch and release is expected in this day and age. A good “grip and grin” photograph usually suffices as a memory, but if you are on your own OR to really appreciate the special moment, take a scale sample or two, and send them to us for imaging and analysis. Here’s a short video of how to take a sample and importantly where on the fish to take the scale from. We recommend a maximum of 3 scales from any one fish. On fresh salmon, scales will fall off onto your hand, but more coloured fish need a little more attention and care to not wound the fish and introduce bacteria. N.B. Scale samples are not limited to salmon:

Preserve the scale – The best way to preserve a scale sample is in a small vile of ethanol, however a scale that has dried slowly and kept flat will still provide excellent photographic opportunities. Place the scale sample (not wet) in an envelope between greaseproof paper. Simple.

We can provide:

  • digital images sent to any platform, email, social media etc;
  • printed and delivered (rolled in tube) up to A2 size paper, details of the fish can be added to the print;
  • printed and framed with original scale sample presented in bottom corner. A choice of frame materials available to suit you. Details of the fish can be added to the print;
  • Scale samples can be analysed by a leading biologist at your request for a life history of your catch.POA – All prices upon application.

”Every scale tells a story…”

See the absolute beauty of a scale sample in the clickable images below. These images below are raw (unedited).

Example scale art.

*Please consider biosecurity law before sending from abroad to the United Kingdom.