Today, you as a business are expected to have a film/showreel of what you do.

There’s a trend currently for B-roll type flamboyant film that offers little to no main factual content or substance. Offering brief excitement on social media, these films, often visually beautiful, are quickly outdated and can be a poor investment for the client. We provide future proofed film with content that will serve your needs and satisfy the viewer.

Get Social

Film is the strongest medium on social networking platforms by a long way. It involves an immersive experience via sight and sound that no other medium can offer. Does it have to be expensive though when most of us have a very powerful camera in our pocket? No.

There are varying levels of film quality. Your showreel should be polished and flawless and meet a brief, that is where the professionals come in (contact us). The social networking audiences however will unintentionally come across your clip posted on Instagram, Facebook &/or Twitter and they’ll engage with it.  It is something spontaneous and clever that is short and to the point and most importantly ‘current’. Giving your viewers the feeling like they’ve achieved a sense of connection with what you do, makes them loyal and you’ll stand out from your competitors.

Get your mobile out of your pocket and film your guys in action. Open transparency will create trust in your business/service and ultimately create more leads and enquiries. Best of all it is free.