“Motivating OUTDOORS PEOPLE to collaborate with BRANDS and making sure they ENJOY the process.”

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Drone Film & Stills

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Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) approved Permission for Commercial Operations (PfCO) certification.

Aerial photography is fast becoming expected of any videographer or media outfit. We are in the position to offer commercially operated CAA approved drone work as part of our repertoire.

Drones can be used for still images or video in endless scenarios and locations however it should be done in a controlled and safe manner with all the permissions in place. We take care of everything for you.

We are based in Stirling, Scotland. We cover the entire country.

For further details on our Aerial services contact us.

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Today, you as a business are expected to have a film/showreel of what you do.

There’s a trend currently for B-roll type flamboyant film that offers little to no main factual content or substance. Offering brief excitement on social media, these films, often visually beautiful, are quickly outdated and can be a poor investment for the client. We provide future proofed film with content that will serve your needs and satisfy the viewer.

Get Social

Film is the strongest medium on social networking platforms by a long way. It involves an immersive experience via sight and sound that no other medium can offer. Does it have to be expensive though when most of us have a very powerful camera in our pocket? No.

There are varying levels of film quality. Your showreel should be polished and flawless and meet a brief, that is where the professionals come in (contact us). The social networking audiences however will unintentionally come across your clip posted on Instagram, Facebook &/or Twitter and they’ll engage with it.  It is something spontaneous and clever that is short and to the point and most importantly ‘current’. Giving your viewers the feeling like they’ve achieved a sense of connection with what you do, makes them loyal and you’ll stand out from your competitors.

Get your mobile out of your pocket and film your guys in action. Open transparency will create trust in your business/service and ultimately create more leads and enquiries. Best of all it is free.

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Collaborative Marketing

Motivating PEOPLE to collaborate with BRANDS and making sure they ENJOY the process.

Faster than ever, businesses are having to transform and grow their online presence. Of course you have a website, maybe even a blog, but what good are they if your desired audience cant find them? Social media platforms like a Facebook page and/or Instagram or a Twitter page to post updates are there for you to share your ideas and content, but sharing does not dictate interaction, and your efforts can sometimes feel like a drop in the ocean.

The future is already threatening those businesses just becoming familiar with posting on the soc-med platforms. What you’re trying to communicate might be amazing but how your presenting it could be dated and may not be as effective as it should be. With next to no interaction on your posts, the tempting offers repeatedly shown to you to ‘pay to promote’ are not the most effective solution by any means.

COLLABORATIVE marketing is the strongest advertising any business can invest in. The same goes for social media. Bring together people, brands, lifestyles and products for a long term and knowledge driven advertising campaign to maximize on exposure and return. The beauty of it is shared goals, shared expenses, and exponential shared audiences. And it is satisfying communicating with like minded people in your industry, often leading to enhanced PR and greater opportunities. 

Whatever medium you use to share your project, be it social networking, magazine print, or video. Together it’s just stronger, let Castabroad work with you to maximise your marketing efforts.

Use the contact link to get in touch and start your campaign. No job too small.

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Imagery & Photography

You just can’t beat the power of a still image… if it’s good.

Taking images yourself is simple, taking excellent images consistently requires a professional.

Knowing what an excellent image is, is something that has to be understood to be able to capture. A professional photographer can explain what an image must contain, this is identified in a discussed brief prior to a shoot for example. Once the image has been taken you may have a satisfactory image, but once edited and presented to the client and it fulfils everything that was on the brief , this is when you have an excellent image.

Excellent images are like film, high quality should go unnoticed, but any drop in quality is a distraction from its purpose.

Get in touch for professional image services here.